Climate Change: Senators Udall and McCain get an up close look at changes in Rocky Mountain National Park

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From the Longmont Times-Call (Pamela Dickman):

“It’s unbelievable,” McCain said an hour later during a hearing of the Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks held in Estes Park. “Every home in America should see. Every citizen should see what is happening here.”[…]

The issue is complex, according to four experts who testified about some of the problems associated with increasing temperatures and shrinking precipitation:

• Increased bark beetle kill, which adds to fire danger.

• Increased risk of wildfires, which threaten homes and can cause erosion and potential water contamination.

• Shorter, milder winters and longer, drier summers, which change the landscape and wildlife habitats.

• Less snow and earlier melts, which affect water supply for many states, as Colorado contains the headwaters for four major rivers, and which affect the state’s billion-dollar winter and summer tourist industry.

More climate change coverage here.

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