Energy policy — nuclear: Uranium Processing Accountability Act cleanup bill to be introduced in the Colorado legislature

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From the Cañon City Daily Record (Rachel Alexander):

The Uranium Processing Accountability Act would require uranium processors to comply with clean-up orders before new applications are processed, strengthen public oversight of bonding requirements; require processors to inform residents about threats to their water if they have registered wells in close proximity to known groundwater contamination; and require processors to amend their operating license before accepting new sources of “alternate feeds.”

The legislation would affect the Cotter uranium mill south of Cañon City…

“There’s one reason why we’re here, to protect the community, the environment of Colorado,” said Matt Garrington of Environment Colorado, which helped develop the legislation. The group hosted a press conference announcing the legislation at the Fremont County Administration Building. Commissioner Mike Stiehl spoke about contamination from leaking CCD tanks on the site. “Without the legislation we’re proposing, there is no reason to clean that up prior to decommissioning of the mill,” he said…

Also among Tuesday’s speakers was Bill Edrington, owner of Royal Gorge Anglers. “I’m not really here to protect my business, I’m here to protect this river, which I love,” he said. He said the Arkansas River is a “wonderful” wild fish producer, but that if the fish start to die from loss of food because of contamination, then the river is lost. “My mother always taught me if I made a mess, clean it up,” he said. “We want to keep (Cotter) around to clean up their mess.”

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