HB 10-1188 — Clarify River Outfitter Navigation Right moves on for final reading

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From the Aspen Daily News (Brent Gardner-Smith):

The Colorado House approved House Bill 10-1188 on a voice vote Friday to clarify that commercial rafting companies have the right to float down a historically run stretch of river, even if they have incidental contact with rocks and the river banks, and that they have the right to portage across private property to avoid hazardous obstacles in the river. Third and final reading of the bill is expected to take place on Monday…

The House chamber was lively during the debate Friday on HB 10-1188, and several members made jokes, including a quip about people who portage frequently needing a “porta-potty” and a proposed amendment with a reference to the controversial abortion decision in the case of Roe v. Wade. The joke was relevant to the debate, however, as it begs the question of whether wading fishermen would have the same rights to a river as rowing boaters. The amendment, which was withdrawn when the laughter died down, said “if you have the opportunity to row, you have the opportunity to wade.”

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