Brush: City council approves wastewater fee hike

A picture named stormwateroutlet.jpg

From the Brush News-Tribune (Jesse Chaney):

Approved during a regular council meeting Monday evening, the resolution amending the fees will raise the city’s base wastewater rate from $4.20 to $5 and the price per ET unit from $27 to $37. An ET unit is equal to 20,000 gallons of water used per quarter. Brush Finance Officer Joanne Gosselink said any customers that use a significant amount of water will see an increase of more than $10.80 per month. She can be reached at 970-842-5001 to calculate the impact of the increase on individual customers, she said. The new rates will take effect Nov. 1. “I sure wish there was a way to avoid this, but I don’t see any other solutions,” said Councilman Chuck Schonberger.

Brush Administrator Monty Torres said the council had raised wastewater fees in the past, and the new fee hike was anticipated. With the funds collected from the past fee increase, he said, the city was able to make a down payment of $1.6 million on the new wastewater plant.

More wastewater coverage here.

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