Energy policy — nuclear: Energy Fuels, Inc. scores their license for the proposed Piñon Ridge Mill

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From the Associated Press via the Telluride Daily Planet (Matthew Beaudin):

The company hoping to build the hotly debated mill 60 miles west of Telluride leapt another major hurdle this week when state regulators issued a final radioactive materials license for a uranium mill that would be the country’s first in more than 25 years. The license allows the mill to process up to 700 short tons of uranium ore on a given day but only an annual average of 500 short tons per day. The health department has to approve engineering plans for the mill before construction begins.

From the Denver Business Journal:

The mill will process up to 500 tons of uranium ore a day. While the state permit was the final regulatory hurdle, the project still is being challenged in a lawsuit filed by the Telluride-based Sheep Mountain Alliance.

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