Southern Delivery System: The Colorado Springs city council is looking at speeding up the project to take advantage of favorable contractor pricing

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From the Colorado Springs Independent (Pam Zubeck):

Colorado Springs Utilities officials gave an update of SDS, along with several other utilities matters, to a Council that contains six new faces after the April 5 election: Angela Dougan, Lisa Czelatdko, Tim Leigh, Merv Bennett, Brandy Williams and Val Snider. During the presentation, the Council was told the city is getting good prices on SDS construction because of the gloomy state of the economy and intense contractor competition. That led Leigh to suggest that if it’s cheaper to build now, the city might think about pushing forward now, even if it means higher water rates for customers in the short run. In response, SDS program manager John Fredell told the Council that Utilities officials will “be ready to talk more detail in July about the project,” including, he said, “about accelerating” it.

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