Colorado Water Congress annual summer meeting: ‘Water & Energy — Meeting Today’s Challenges & Tomorrow’s Opportunities’ August 23-25


Here’s the information from the Colorado Water Congress’ website:

People, water and energy supply are inextricably linked. In coming years, our ability to provide clean, affordable, and reliable energy and water will be further challenged by issues such as population and demand growth, a changing regulatory environment, climate change, and financial limitations.

This year the Colorado Water Congress is pleased to partner with Colorado Coal and Power Generation to offer a combined conference full of opportunities for new dialogue and information sharing.

The first two days of the joint conference (August 23-24) focus on current issues in water supply and protection, including population growth, financing issues and political dynamics. The Water and Energy Reception Wednesday night, marks the transition into Thursday’s conference sessions focused on energy and its relationship to water and economic development.

Registration for the full conference through the Colorado Water Congress web site provides access to the entire three-day conference program, including the Thursday afternoon tours of the Trapper Mine and Craig Power Plant. Registration for the Colorado Coal and Power Generation Conference (August 25) via their web site, includes the Water and Energy Reception on Wednesday night, the Thursday conference program and tours of the Trapper Mine and Craig Power Plant.

There is an additional charge of $35 for all participants to the attend the Feel the Energy BBQ with steak dinner and live music on Thursday evening.

The Colorado Coal and Power Generation group represents a cooperative effort by major coal producers, power-suppliers, local governments, and related businesses to provide relevant information and a practical perspective on current and future energy requirements, options, and economics, as well as associated challenges and opportunities.

The Conference Program is now available.

Click here for Registration and Lodging.

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