Western Colorado Congress meeting recap: Planning for future shortages in supply


From NBC11News.com (Andie Adams):

“We’re facing a future that could very possibly be drier than we’ve gotten used to, and the demands on the water that we have is almost certainly going to be higher,” said Hannah Holm, coordinator for the Water Center at Colorado Mesa University.

Holm was the guest speaker at a Western Colorado Congress of Mesa County meeting on Sunday.

She discussed the many factors that could lead to a strain on our water, including a growing number of users. “There are a number of population projections that project that Colorado’s population will double by 2050,” Holm said…

Holm said that [avoiding] a crisis depends on planning, even if issues can be daunting. “Even though the challenges are kind of global in nature and kind of overwhelming,” said Holm. “I think we’ll find the solutions in a lot of really small local initiatives that are a little easier to get your hands around.” Those initiatives, she said, are to be created by citizens who educate themselves about the issues.

“The more we all know about water the better off we’re going to be the more we’re going to be able to act collectively in our own best interests,” [Tom Phillips, a citizen representative for the Water Center Advisory Council] said. “We can do more conservation, but that doesn’t completely solve the problem either.”

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