The Dillon Valley Water District stops fluoride dosing


From the Summit Daily News (Kathryn Corazzelli):

The fluoride was stopped last month because of worn-out equipment — and a capital expenditure to replace it — and limited space, according to district manager Francis Winston. After the district’s board members did some research on the subject, Winston said they couldn’t find anything definitive on the benefits of the mineral, and weighing the equipment cost and space limitations, decided to stop it for the time being.

Winston said the Environmental Protection Agency has a limit of 1.1 milligrams of fluoride per liter, which the district has been told they’re getting ready to lower to .7; the natural fluoride levels in Dillon Valley’s water are .5 to .6.

The Dillon Valley Water District isn’t alone. A few other neighboring districts like East Dillon Water, the Snake River Water District, Copper Mountain Metro and the Town of Frisco don’t add the mineral. There’s one well in Frisco where it naturally occurs, but that source is used infrequently, said water foreman Dave Koop…

The Town of Dillon still adds fluoride to its water. Both Winston and Dillon utilities superintendent Trevor Giles said the mineral isn’t expensive to add each month — it’s about 50 cents per pound, and Dillon adds about 40 pounds per month, Giles said. The cost isn’t much compared to the $25-30 per month it costs to buy fluoride pills for an individual, he said.

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