Arkansas River Basin Water Forum: One of the takeaways from the conference was the need to protect ag water and ag production


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

“I’m surprised we don’t protect our agricultural resources like it was our only child,” said Mike Bartolo, who has a small farm east of Pueblo and is manager of the Colorado State University Research Center in Rocky Ford. Water is the front line of defense, and needs to be incorporated even in urban water planning, he said. “Are we willing to say no to a particular industry to protect agricultural?” he asked, while discussing urban economic development. “How does locating a water-intensive business in a municipality affect agricultural water users 50-60 miles downstream?”

Bartolo said the Arkansas Valley’s climate and soil make it an ideal place to grow fruits and vegetables, and urged city-rural partnerships to encourage farming.

Young farmers need to be encouraged with financial help to get started in agriculture.

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