Forecast news: El Niño ‘is on life-support right now’ — Klaus Wolter


From the Fort Collins Coloradoan (Bobby Magill):

There is an El Nino brewing in the Pacific Ocean right now, and that normally means a wet fall, dry winter and wet spring.

“This is a weak El Nino,” Wolter said Thursday at the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s 2012 Statewide Drought Conference. “It’s something we haven’t seen in quite a long time.” Not seen at least since the 1950s or early 1960s, he said.

The El Nino, he said, “is on life support right now.”[…]

He said he is optimistic that the next two months may be wetter than expected, especially for Colorado’s Eastern Plains.

Here’s the link to last Monday’s ENSO Discussion from NOAA. Here’s an excerpt:

• ENSO-neutral conditions continue.
• Equatorial sea surface temperatures (SST) are greater than 0.5°C above average across the eastern Pacific Ocean.
• The atmospheric circulation over the tropical Pacific is near average.
• El Niño conditions are likely to develop during September 2012.

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