‘Ski areas’ water rights should be protected from federal infringement’ — Mike McLachlan (HD 59) #coleg


From The Durango Herald (Mike McLachlan HD 59):

On Monday, I attended the Colorado Water Congress and met with former Sen. Bruce Whitehead. Later in committee, we had a full discussion about the relationship between U.S. Forest Service attempts to link the ski area permit system to what some people consider an infringement on ski area water rights. One side of the debate wants to make this a full-fledged assault on all levels of the U.S. government. As a legislator who has a significant number of ski areas in his district, I listened earnestly to all the testimony and do understand that the ski areas’ water rights should be protected from federal infringement. Because the bill as currently drafted is so broad and so sweeping, I cannot support it in its current form, but if it is narrowed to the U.S. Forest Service and our Colorado ski area water rights, I will support House Bill 1013…

On Thursday I also was privileged to attend and participate in a legislative panel at the Colorado Water Congress. As I told its membership, I continue to remain committed to bipartisanship and good government. I fully understand the responsibilities of a Western Slope legislator regarding the protection of our water rights, rivers and streams. It was good to see Sen. Ellen Roberts, Sen. Gail Schwartz, John Porter, Steve Fearn, Barry Spear, Steve Harris, Bob Wolfe, Billy Nesbitt, Frank Kugel and John McClow. I will continue my dialogue with the Colorado Water Congress to ensure that the water rights of the 59th District are fully protected.

More 2013 Colorado legislation coverage here.

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