#Colorado: Happy 139th Birthday

Here’s a tribute to Colorado on the 139th anniversary of statehood from Kathy Bedell writing for Leadville Today. She lays out all the inside skinny about Colorado’s state mineral (Rhodochrosite), state rock (Yule Marble), and state gem (Aquamarine). Click through and read the whole article. Here’s an excerpt:

Happy Birthday Colorado! Yes, today our beloved state celebrates 139 years of statehood.

And when it comes to states, Colorado simply couldn’t be more patriotic. Its nickname is the Centennial State, because in the year of America’s 100th Birthday – 1876 – Colorado received its statehood. And of course, there’s the fact that “America The Beautiful” was written by Katherine Bates when she saw Pikes Peak and was inspired to write the verse, “Purple’s mountain’s majesty, above the fruited plain.”

But did you know that Colorado is the only state whose official geological symbols are red, white and blue?! Yes, when it comes to Colorado’s State Mineral (red- rhodochrosite), State Rock (white – Yule marble) and State Gem (blue- aquamarine) this color trio is an intended tribute to America. And – of course – this patriotic gesture has a Leadville connection!

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