Colorado Springs’ Seven Falls gets a new look and new features as it reopens after 2 years — The Colorado Springs Gazette

Seven Falls photo via
Seven Falls photo via

From The Colorado Springs Gazette (Rich Laden):

The five-star Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs has spent $12 million to buy, rebuild and makeover the property that’s been one of the Pikes Peak region’s marquee tourist attractions.

The hotel has added picnic areas, a mining-themed restaurant and even zip-line courses – all with the goal of transforming Seven Falls into an attraction with a broader appeal to residents, tourists and hotel guests.

“It’s designed to be a multi-hour experience and not just something where you come in and look at the falls and you’re done,” said Broadmoor president and CEO Jack Damioli.

“We’ve taken a look at Seven Falls and reimagined it and came up with the beautiful, historical natural attraction, a fine restaurant and then this soaring adventure (zip-line courses), which will appeal to a different generation and those seeking more adventurous activities,” he said. “It’s not the old Seven Falls anymore.”

Seven Falls, in South Cheyenne Canyon on the Springs’ southwest side, dates to the 1880s. Oilman Al Hill bought Seven Falls in 1946, and his family owned it until last year. Seven Falls was known primarily for its scenic waterfalls – cascading down 181 feet of sheer granite cliffs – and the canyon, which has been billed as “the grandest mile of scenery” in Colorado.

In September 2013, torrential rains destroyed hiking trails, washed away a viewing platform at the foot of the falls, sent debris and sediment rushing through the area and caused other extensive damage that forced Seven Falls’ closure.

“When the flood came through, it cleaned the canyon out,” Damioli said. “The water came down and everything just flowed straight downhill and took everything in its path with it.”

The Broadmoor announced in April 2014 it was buying Seven Falls, and completed the deal a year ago – and has renamed the property as The Broadmoor Seven Falls. The purchase added another piece to what the hotel calls its wilderness experience.

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