Aquatic Nuisances Species

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Aquatic nuisance species (ANS), plants and animals that invade lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams, pose an increasing threat to Colorado’s water resources. The major threat is from zebra and quagga mussels invading water bodies across the state. Other nuisance species include New Zealand mudsnails and rusty crayfish. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has an inspection protocol in place since 2009 that has prevented the establishment and spread of ANS. The challenge is to develop stable annual funding sources to sustain the successful Colorado inspection program which has set the standard in the West for prevention of these invasives.

Mussels are small yet mighty. They can pose a threat to native aquatic life as they are tougher and will outcompete native species for necessary resources such as shelter, food and water. This causes a decrease in biodiversity, especially since these invasive species don’t have predators to keep them in check once they…

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