#Water utilities see collaboration as the key to water supply, future: “Urgency lubricates collaboration” — The #Loveland Reporter-Herald

Click the link to read the article on the Loveland Reporter-Herald website (Ken Amundson). Here’s an excerpt:

Utility directors from Greeley and Boulder, along with the general manager of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, talked about regional water collaboration during a panel discussion at the annual BizWest Confluence — Colorado Water Summit Thursday…

Brad Wind, the Northern Water general manager, said that a Google search for links to discussions about collaboration renders millions of results. “But the thing that is missing (in those search results) is the element of ‘urgency,’” Wind said. Urgency drives many entities to the table to collaborate…

As moderator [Kristin] Todd said simply, “Urgency lubricates collaboration.”


First water through the Adams Tunnel. Photo credit Northern Water.

The very creation of the Colorado-Big Thompson water project that Northern Water operates came as a result of an urgent need to supply farmers with water, especially in the August and September time frame when crops needed more water in order to produce a harvestable yield. It still took 10 years for the first water to move through the Alva Adams tunnel from the Western Slope to Front Range users.

Whooping crane adult and chick. Credit: USGS (public domain)

Endangered species, also, resulted in water interests quickly coming together to assure stream flows in Nebraska while also maintaining water availability in Colorado.

Population is the urgent factor now. “The population (of this region) has grown 67% in my time at Northern Water,” Wind said.

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