Eastern Fremont election to join Upper Ark upheld

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Here’s an update on Eastern Fremont County’s voters approval for joining the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District, from Rod Sering writing for The Mountain Mail. From the article:

Inclusion of eastern Fremont County in the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District was confirmed by the recent Colorado Supreme Court dismissal of a contested election suit, district directors learned Thursday. Julianne Woldridge, attorney for the water district, told directors during their regular meeting, “The inclusion was confirmed and is still in effect. I believe we are done with litigation in this. “The court made a very brief decision and dismissed the case because it was untimely.”

More coverage from the Cañon City Daily Record (Charlotte Burrous):

The Colorado Supreme Court recently dismissed the case, virtually upholding the election results of 4,680 for the inclusion to 2,274 against it. “The Supreme Court found in our favor,” said Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District general manager Terry Scanga. “The decision was two lines. The first sentence said the court agreed to jurisdiction over the case. The second sentence was a dismissal of the appeal because (Ivan Widom and Mark Emmer) filed too late. That ended it right there.”[…]

After the 2007 election, Cañon City resident Widom and Salida resident Emmer argued through their attorney, Bill Alderton, that the election was illegal. “They protested the vote because they said we didn’t” follow the election statues or TABOR rules, Sandefur said. “But the Upper Arkansas is a special district. Special districts are not under TABOR.”

More Coyote Gulch coverage here.

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