Solidarity through Water Law: Denver Law’s Symposium

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dwr2018_imodules_fnlThe University of Denver Sturm College of Law Water Law Review will present its eleventh symposium, “Forging Sovereignty, Self Determination, and Solidarity through Water Law,” on Friday, March 30. From the symposium’s website:

Water has long served as a source of both great conflict and critical collaboration in the history of the United States. Especially for historically marginalized communities of American Indians, Chican@s and Blacks, ownership, control, access and distribution of water rights has often been fleeting and limited in both scope and duration. Though these same communities have contested their marginalization in the realm of water law and policy sometimes through courts and other times through political and social mobilization, they have encountered apathy, resistance, and sometimes hostility to their claims.

This year’s symposium aims to bring those issues together. “The current political climate and conversations around race and inequity are pressing,” says Lindsey Ratcliff, this year’s symposium editor…

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The bagpiping blacksmith – News on TAP

The 100th anniversary photo series continues with a look at a blacksmith with a very particular set of musical skills.

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Water challenge? Nature’s got a fix – News on TAP

From water quality and shortages to climate change and the environment, a look at solutions to some universal problems.

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A completely non-exhaustive list of tutorial resources for scientific computing

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This is a short blog post to put together a list of resources with tutorials (similar to what’s usually found on this blog) for various programming languages. It is by no means exhaustive, so please comment if you feel there’s an important one I left out.


Kinda new blog with Matlab tutorials on numerical methods

One of the MathWorks blogs, great tutorials.

Matlab tutorials from MathWorks

More Matlab tutorials, a lot of material on many topics


Not updated very frequently, but good data analysis and visualization tutorials are posted

Updated regularly, some great data visualization and analysis tutorials. The tutorials come with videos. I really like this site.

Updated regularly (about once a month) with python tutorials and general python coding insights. I really like the writing style of this author.

Tutorials on using SciPy

C and C++:


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SWCD: the Weight of Water on Public Lands, with Laura Spann

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Interview with a WEco Board Member
By Cody Williams

We spoke with Laura Spann, program coordinator for the Southwestern Water Conservation District (SWCD), which was created by the Colorado General Assembly to protect, conserve, use, and develop the water resources in the southwestern corner of the state. Laura oversees the district’s financial assistance program and Water Information Program, serves as an alternate for the district on the Water Congress State Affairs Committee, and monitors state water policy. She serves on Water Education Colorado’s board of directors, where she has represented southwestern Colorado for the past year. Laura is also tackling the job of being a parent to an almost one-year-old son, a new and exciting realm in her life. We asked Laura a few questions about SWCD, its overall influence on public and tribal lands, the programs SWCD is coordinating, and her relationship with Water Education Colorado (WEco).

spann photoHow…

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Some jobs really are the pits – News on TAP

Kesha Coombs knew she would be the only woman in the meter shop; nevertheless, she persisted.

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Small reservoirs offer big benefits down the road – News on TAP

A rare look at the filling of two new reservoirs on the plains and how they’ll help stretch our mountain water supplies.

Source: Small reservoirs offer big benefits down the road – News on TAP