Travel day to Grand Junction #CRDSeminar @ColoradoWater #ColoradoRiver #COriver

Grand Junction back in the day with the Grand Mesa in background

I’m heading over to Grand Junction for the Colorado River District’s Annual Seminar. I’ll try to catch up tonight from the hotel. With any luck I’ll get lost in the aspens on the way back to Denver.

The hash tag for seminar is #CRDSeminar. You can follow the goings on at @CoyoteGulch.

Crystal River via Aspen Journalism

Coyote Gulch outage: I’m heading over to Steamboat Springs for the @COWaterCongress summer meeting #CWCSC17

I’m heading to Steamboat Springs for the Colorado Water Congress’ Summer Conference. Click here to go to the website. Say hello if you see me at the conference.

I’ll be live-Tweeting the goings on @CoyoteGulch.

For eclipse coverage from NOAA Click here.

Coyote Gulch WordPress weirdness: Sidebar is not displaying

Update: I found the problem.

I don’t know why the sidebar is not displaying on the Home Page this morning. If you’re looking for the categories or archive links just click on an article title, the sidebar is displaying on the post pages.

How do you like the new theme?

Coyote Gulch outage

Urban coyote photo via Coyote Yipps
Urban coyote photo via Coyote Yipps

I’m heading to the Colorado Convention Center for a 3-day training with the Climate Reality Project. I’m hoping to learn techniques for communicating with folks that have differing world views from mine.

Posting may be hit-or-miss through Saturday. I’ll try to catch up on Sunday and Monday.