Coyote Gulch is on a semi-hiatus for June

Graphic via Penn State Earth System Science Center


I’m pretty psyched about the class after the first night.

The lecture started with an overview of the things about the water cycle that modelers need to keep in mind.

We also had to pick a catchment to model. I chose the Dolores River near Cisco. We’re going to use Reclamation data for native flow at several gage sites.

In the first day lab we built the VIC model on a Linux instance. Many readers know the joy of working in a Linux shell. I was right at home. I’ll be able to SSH in from my Mac.

I anticipate that Coyote Gulch posting will be erratic and less timely for the next 5 weeks. Please continue to send links — I will get caught up during July.

I hope to stay current on Twitter (@CoyoteGulch).

Have a good June, keep on loving the water.

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