Fairplay: Dave Stanford wins contract to run new treatment plant

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From the Fairplay Flume (Linda Bjorklund):

Dave Stanford, owner of H2O Consultants, has been selected as wastewater operator of the new plant at the Fairplay Sanitation District. A $60,000-per-year bid submitted by him and Kaupus Laboratories Water Specialists was selected by the district board at its May 14 meeting. It was one of four proposals. Two other bidders proposed rates of $72,000 a year and $85,000 per year. The difference was in the hourly rates, which were quoted at $65 an hour for H2O and $90 for Kaupus. Board members said Stanford’s proposed rate was lower, and he had been doing the actual work on the plant during the construction period and had proven that he could do the job.

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