Wiggins June referendum to decide strategy for sustainable water supply

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Here’s an update on Wiggins’ efforts at finding a affordable sustainable water supply, from Dan Barker writing for the Fort Morgan Times. From the article:

A public vote on which new water source Wiggins should buy would not necessarily decide the matter.

Some situations could be outside the town’s control, which would mean any one option might not be feasible, said Wiggins Town Clerk Craig Trautwein, quoting Town Attorney Sam Light during the Wiggins Town Council meeting Wednesday night For instance, if Wiggins could not find the financial resources to pay for an option or if the price shot up, the vote would not be binding, Mayor Mike Bates said. Advisers have told the council before that receiving financing depends on a town’s debt load and other factors. That means the planned special election is more of a way to get feedback from the community, Bates said…

The choices planned for the ballot include having Wiggins buy its own water and build its own system; buying water from Fort Morgan and building a pipeline from the city’s water treatment plant; or joining the Morgan County Quality Water District. Estimates that include costs of water acquisition and some infrastructure for 240 acre-feet of water, which would meet the town’s entire demand for residential and commercial use, are varied. A quote from the Morgan County Quality Water District would put the cost at $8.28 million, Wiggins officials have said, while buying from Fort Morgan would cost $4.8 million and Wiggins buying its own water would cost $5.16 million. However, because of the debt service factor and possible grants, the average minimum price to residential customers would be $184.75 per month if Wiggins went with Quality Water; $174 per month if it went with Fort Morgan water; and $107 per month if the town bought and treated its own water, Town Administrator Bill Rogers said last month.

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