Parker: Recall petition for Parker Water and Sanitation board thrown out

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From the Parker Chronicle (Chris Michlewicz):

Douglas County Clerk and Recorder Jack Arrowsmith dismissed the petition, submitted in February by opposition group Transparency Advocates for Parker Water and Sanitation, after finding that the information could have swayed the opinions of those who signed it. The group launched a campaign to oust four of the five acting board members after the board unanimously approved increases in water fees and rates in December. The increase was later rescinded in favor of a formal water rate study.

According to the dismissal order issued by Arrowsmith April 23, the transparency group used outdated figures for salary increases that were originally listed in the district’s 2009 budget. It posted the numbers on its recall campaign Web site. A phone call to Merlin Klotz, who helped lead the recall effort, was not immediately returned…

Arrowsmith also accused the group of presenting insufficient evidence that three or more members of the board violated the state’s open meetings law by having a closed-door meeting without the public’s knowledge, as alleged in the petition. TAPWS collected more than 500 signatures supporting the recall, but the “substantially misleading” information might have caused some to sign under false pretenses, Arrowsmith said.

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  1. I happen to know that an open records request recently turned up a letter from Aaron Million to some of the elected officials of the Town of Parker (a separate entity from the Parker Water & San. District) that strongly implied collusion between Million and the Town fathers to organize the recall. The letter goes on to state that Million would like to see a letter from the Town lending support to Million’s plans re: Flaming Gorge “once the recall is complete” and there is a “clean slate.” Could it be that since the Parker District has stood in Million’s way, he has taken to meddling in local politics to try to oust the seated board? Yes.

  2. I’m not sure who filed the request, but the letter and other materials have since been leaked.

    1. Mary,

      You can post info here in the comments. I’ll promote your comments to a weblog entry depending on what you post. You can send me email at coyotegulch [AT] mac [DOT] com.

      Thanks for the offer.

      John Orr

  3. I sent that letter to you a couple of weeks ago at your email address. Did you not receive it?

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