S. 787: Clean Water Restoration Act

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Here’s a call to arms of sorts in support of Clean Water Restoration Act from Melinda Kassen writing in the Denver Post. She writes:

For almost 30 years, the CWA worked to make America’s waters clean, fishable and swimmable. And our country moved from an ethic of “out of sight, out of mind,” to “everyone lives downstream.” Now that ethic is under assault — and so again are our rivers and streams. In recent years, the Supreme Court has issued confusing and muddled rulings that have distorted the original language of the Clean Water Act and drastically narrowed its scope. Worse, the justices themselves have not agreed on what the law means, with four justices suggesting that only rivers that flow year-round and can float logs or boats deserve protection. As a result of this legal confusion, some 20 million acres of our country’s wetlands and millions of miles of rivers and streams have been stripped of protections.

In Colorado, about 75 percent of rivers and streams — some 76,000 miles of waterways — run either seasonally during spring runoff or after summer rains, and thus may no longer qualify for CWA protection from dredging operations, oil spills, discharges of industrial waste or sewage, construction or unregulated development.

That’s why Congress must pass the Clean Water Restoration Act.

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2 thoughts on “S. 787: Clean Water Restoration Act

  1. Has anyone of you really looked in to the details of the unlimited power this bill would surrender to the government? This bill is draconian! Please open your eyes, read the bill, Research the implications. Don’t continue to accept this syrupy lying we’ve been fed for years.
    America open your eyes.

  2. get off my back already. You are trying to take away all of my rights to my own property. Now you want control of the rainfall that the good LORD blesses me with. I will have to bow down to you in order to build ponds, plant crops for livestock and wildlife, spray, fertilize, shred weeds. This is a dictatorship and socialism. I worked long and hard to buy this property and now you want control of it, why don’t you just buy it from me. We used to get along just fine with out you looking over our backs and telling us what to do. If you had any idea of how to operate a farm or ranch you would not do these type of things. Everything the government touches turns to —-, social security, medicare,IRS (especially Geitner’s Turbo Tax) and the list goes on.

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