Energy policy — coalbed methane produced water regulation

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From the Pine River Times (Carole McWilliams):

“The grounds of the suit were that groundwater diversions had to be regulated under state water law,” Klahn said. “We thought it would be a nice quiet little suit, but then BP intervened. In April this year, we were affirmed on all accounts by the State Supreme Court. It’s the kind of win you only get once in your career.” The repercussions are still being sorted out.

“We are proceeding on all fronts to try to maintain our win,” Klahn said. “We aren’t assuming it will be fine. We want more than a paper win.”

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One thought on “Energy policy — coalbed methane produced water regulation

  1. Why not use Aquifer Recharge to reinject CBM water into available aquifers in the same land area. We need to protect the water by SAVING it for future use. Aquifer Recharge is excellent for landowners, and less expensive for the Operators. It is time to start letting landowners know that they should keep the water on there land for thier use. Most landowners can apply for senior water rights on the reinjected water.

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