Centennial Water & Sanitation District names Tim Gotheer as Director of Operations

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Here’s the release from the district:

Centennial Water & Sanitation District has named Tim Grotheer as Director of Operations. Grotheer will oversee operations of the water and wastewater plants that serve Highlands Ranch.

Grotheer brings 21 years of responsibility for all aspects of operations, maintenance, and administration of the Plum Creek Wastewater Authority (PCWA) in Douglas County. Duringhis tenure, PCWA received the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region VIII award for Excellence in Operations and Maintenance in 1994, and the National Award for Excellence in Operations and Maintenance from the EPA in 2000.

“Tim brings a long history of plant operations through his prior role as manager of the PCWA. He has been active in several regional organizations focused on water quality. His most recent role was managing a major construction contract for the Aurora Reservoir Water Purification Facility as an employee of Carollo Engineers,” said Centennial Water General Manager John Hendrick.

Grotheer gained familiarity with Centennial Water through his leadership in the Pankake Ranch land application project. He will be responsible for both water and wastewater plant operations in addition to other department leadership and administrative functions.

Grotheer is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a BS in Industrial Technology. He earned an MS in Management from Regis University, and holds certifications in water and wastewater treatment, and water distribution and collection systems. Grotheer has been a member of the board and is also a past chair of the Chatfield Watershed Authority, and for four years chaired the Colorado Wastewater Utility Council. He served 10 years on the Colorado Water and Wastewater Plant Operator’s Certification Board and is involved in a number of water and wastewater organizations.

Over the past 30 years, Centennial Water has built a reliable and highly-respected water portfolio, based on a conjunctive use system, to serve its customers. Its major water source is surface water from the South Platte River, supplemented with groundwater from deep aquifer wells throughout Highlands Ranch.

For more information about Centennial Water & Sanitation District, which serves Highlands Ranch, please visit http://www.highlandsranch.org, or call 303-791-0430.

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