Energy policy — nuclear: Energy Fuels, Inc. scores their license for the proposed Piñon Ridge Mill

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From Reuters (Keith Coffman):

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) issued a radioactive materials license to Toronto-based Energy Fuels Inc (EFR.TO) allowing the company to process up to 500 tons of uranium ore per day at the site in western Colorado.

The agency gave the project initial approval in January. But the Sheep Mountain Alliance, an environmental coalition in Telluride, Colorado, then sued the state, claiming Colorado regulators failed to follow federal and state law in permitting the mill. The group has asked a Denver judge to revoke the license, and the state has filed a motion seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed. A judge has yet to rule in the case.

More coverage from Gary Harmon writing for The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. From the article:

Energy Fuels Corp., the Canadian company that hopes to build the mill near Naturita, had until Friday to seek an appeal of the preliminary license. The company sought no appeal, so the license became final today, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said. The license includes a several conditions regarding construction, operations and maintenance.

From the Montrose Daily Press:

The license was issued because Energy Fuels did not request a formal hearing on the state’s decision analysis, though it can request such a hearing under the Colorado Administrative Procedures Act. The mill would be the first built in the nation in about 25 years, and many West End residents have spoken in favor of the operation, as well as the jobs it is projected to bring.

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