Drought news: Some Teller County wells are drying up


From KRDO.com:

Lynn Lansford said they believed the lack of water to be a result of a broken pipe, which cost the family $2,500. They learned that the real source of the problem was a lack of water in the well itself. “We’re just not getting the moisture, and it’s not filling our wells,” said Lynn Lansford.

She said the well is 700 feet deep, and they have already explored the option of looking deeper. “It’s already been fracked once, just to see if it could expand into the aquifer more, but they didn’t find anything. There wasn’t anything,” said Lansford.

Lansford said the quoted price to construct a new well in a different location on their property would be $20,000 to $30,000.

So the Lansfords have resorted to having water delivered to them, which they store in two cisterns on their property. They are able to house 2,500 gallons, which has to last them about three weeks.

From TheDenverChannel.com (Mike Nelson):

We have now hit the 90 degree mark 62 times this year, passing the old record of 61 days set in 2000. The average number of 90-degree or higher days in Denver is 40.

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