My summer mixtape: Getting in the irrigation mood

Mile High Water Talk

In the spirit of Smart Irrigation Month, I created a water-wise lawn care playlist.

By Kim Unger

“The making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art.”

­ — Rob Gordon (John Cusack), “High Fidelity”

A mixtape isn’t just a collection of songs. It’s a story, an expression of emotions and actions told through the poetry of song.

So, with Smart Irrigation Month upon us, here is my water-wise summer playlist to feed your head — and your efforts.

1. Over my head – Fleetwood Mac

I like to start off my playlists with a classic but simple opening, and as a child of the ‘70s, Fleetwood Mac is a must.

An irrigation must is ensuring proper coverage. If you don’t, you will find brown areas of thirsty sod.

What exactly is head-to-head coverage? Basically, you want your sprinkler heads to create overlap, from one head to another…

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