Boxelder Basin Stormwater Authority: Some within district boundaries water to opt out of fees

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From the North Forty News (Cherry Sokoloski):

The group of about 30 property owners, calling themselves the Boxelder Coalition, include residents of the Waverly and Wellington areas, as well as some who live east of Interstate 25. “We’re not anti-growth or anti-development,” said spokesman Larry Newman, “but we think the whole project has been pushed to favor developers.”

The Boxelder Authority was formed last year by Wellington, Larimer County and Fort Collins to construct stormwater facilities in the Boxelder Basin. The basin is large, extending from southern Wyoming to south of Timnath. When complete, the project will change the Boxelder Creek’s 100-year floodplain so that 642 properties are no longer included. Newman said the group has four major complaints. They claim that all properties west of County Road 11 should be out of the fee area, contending that floodwaters west of there would be contained by Reservoir 8. They also question why the fee area’s northern boundary is County Road 70, instead of extending all the way to the state line. In addition, Newman said, the authority partners should have allowed property owners to vote on the plan, instead of imposing fees without a vote. And finally, the group believes that property owners and developers along I-25 are the main beneficiaries of the Boxelder stormwater plan.

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  1. Has anyone talked to an attorney to see if we can get out of this with out a lien put on our property?

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