Boxelder Regional Stormwater Authority puts moratorium on fees for some areas upstream of regional reservoirs

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From The North Forty News (Cherry Sokoloski):

Discussions about the Boxelder Regional Stormwater Authority have been contentious over the past few months, with many property owners complaining about being included in the fee area. At a Feb. 11 meeting, the authority agreed to a moratorium on fees for properties upstream of regional reservoirs while the boundary issue is being resolved. They set Dec. 31 as the end date for the moratorium. According to county engineer Mark Peterson, fees will be waived for properties upstream of the following reservoirs: Windsor Reservoir #8, #8 Annex, Elder, North Gray, South Gray, Clark and Indian. Larimer County’s payment to the authority will be less because of the waived fees. Larry Lorentzen, who represents Wellington on the authority board, clarified that the authority will not go back later and collect the waived fees.

The commissioners and [authority manager Rex Burns] agreed that upstream reservoirs within the fee area provide considerable mitigation of stormwater flows, so properties that drain into these reservoirs should be removed from the fee area. Also, they said, properties north of County Road 70, which were not included in the original fee area, need to be looked at again. However, the board refused to recommend boundary changes until the issue can be studied further…

If the authority does decide to recommend boundary changes, Larimer County, Fort Collins and Wellington would need to approve an amendment to the intergovernmental agreement that created the authority.

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