Milwaukee: ‘2011 Urban Water Sustainability Leadership Conference’ Oct 3-5

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From the Clean Water America Alliance:

Join us in exploring models for sustainability that feature cross-agency collaboration for green infrastructure and resource recovery. Building on the discoveries of the 2010 Leadership Conference in Philadelphia, the Clean Water America Alliance will host urban water leaders on October 3-5, 2011 in the World Water Hub – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for the 2011 Urban Water Sustainability Leadership Conference.

Given shrinking budgets, communities around the country are turning towards sustainable approaches to help save money, become more resilient, and prepare for the future. Green infrastructure can help prevent overflows and stormwater runoff problems, reduce energy costs, adapt to climate change, and beautify neighborhoods. Resource recovery, such as energy, nutrients, and other valuable materials, can reduce demand on stressed water supplies, improve watershed health, and boost economic productivity. Responsive to the needs of today and responsible for meeting the needs of tomorrow, communities around the country are leading the way with bold, sustainable decision-making and innovation that enhances how we meet our core missions.

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