Berthoud: The town is contracting for treated water from the Little Thompson Water District until November 2013, intents are to bypass Berthoud Reservoir in the supply chain

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From the Loveland Reporter-Herald (Madeline Novey):

Last July, consistent with the past three years especially, summer algae growth in Berthoud Reservoir made the town’s water both look and taste like dirt, residents and restaurant owners said. As a result, Berthoud did an examination of its water from algae to zebra mussels. Hart said the town spent upward of $100,000 last summer to install a new carbon filtration system at the plant to improve taste and odor. After last summer’s water-quality debacle, Berthoud hired consultants to evaluate the treatment facility. Berthoud trustees later voted to close the plant and put about $1 million into cleaning and updating equipment, Hart said. The plant shut down in February. The same month, the town entered into a 21-month contract with the Little Thompson Water District to buy water…

In the future, Berthoud will go out to bid on construction of a new pipeline that would pump water directly from Carter Lake or Welch Reservoir to the water treatment plant, bypassing Berthoud Reservoir. Until then, the town’s contract with Little Thompson Water District is good through November 2013, with an option to renew, Hart said. Berthoud has a final design for the reservoir bypass that will connect with the pipeline in place today, Hart said. Next steps include bringing out a testing firm to collect soil samples and determine an exact route for the new pipeline.

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