Colorado WaterWise workshop: Assessing the Energy and Greenhouse Gas Implications of Water Management Decisions

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Here’s the announcement from the Colorado Water Wise website:

Water management decisions can have significant energy impacts. Multiple factors will influence the energy intensity of the water sector in the future. Climate change will affect water supply, quality, and demand for water, potentially creating a need for new water supply options. Population growth, changing water use patterns, new technologies, and pricing policies will all affect water demand. Stricter water quality requirements and emerging contaminants may require more energy-intensive treatment technologies. Yet, rising energy prices and concerns about greenhouse gas emissions are forcing water agencies to seek new ways to better manage their system’s energy use, such as integrat-ing water reuse. The Pacific Institute, with funding from the WateReuse Research Foundation, the California Energy Commission, and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, are developing an easy to use analytical tool that can be applied by water agencies, municipalities, and decision-makers to evaluate the energy and greenhouse gas implications of water management decisions. This model will be demonstrated at the workshop. Input will be solicited from workshop participants before the tool is finalized. The Alliance for Water Efficiency is also a partner in this project.

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