Meterologist Brian Bledsoe cautions ranchers and farmers that La Niña could set up again leading to more drought until July-August 2012


From Lamar Ledger (Lola Shrimplin) via The Fort Morgan Times:

La Nina is in effect now, and it leaves a huge footprint in the atmosphere, he said. Drought is a self-fulfilling prophecy, as drought feeds on drought, Bledsoe said…

At a speech in Brighton, Bledsoe said government scientists were saying La Nina had gone and had been replaced by El Nino. “No. Do not listen to them,” he said.

La Nina is typically weaker in the spring and strengthens in the fall, he said. When the government scientists looked at La Nina weakening and said the drought was over, they didn’t take into account historical evidence, Bledsoe said. “This is just a repeat of what happened last year,” he said.

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