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Water scarcity and planning for Colorado’s future

Everyone is talking about water. California is in a drought crisis, Lake Powell is only 45 percent full, and in Colorado, though needed moisture has been falling over much of the state, anything could happen! Although it’s impossible to accurately predict the future, the immediate pressures of drought in the lower Colorado River Basin highlight the importance of preparedness. How can Colorado be ready for whatever the future brings?

Our winter issue of Headwaters takes a close look at the state water planning process’ inner workings, including why we need the plan now, what it took to complete a first draft as of December last year, and where we’ll likely need to go further to achieve success. Plus, we help you chart your water future—looking at elements like climate, population growth and social values that could change Colorado’s future (flip to page 16 of the magazine for this feature). Colorado’s Water Plan won’t be finalized until December 2015, so pick up, flip through or download your copy of Headwaters Winter 2015 issue today to see what we’re planning for.

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