Energy policy — geothermal: Hot Springs in the Upper Arkansas Valley topic of lecture March 8

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From the Salida Citizen:

The geothermal phenomenon in the Upper Arkansas Valley is the topic of a lecture at 7 p.m., March 8 at the Buena Vista Community Center, Pinon Room. This lecture is offered to the public as part of [Greater Arkansas River Nature Association] GARNA’s ongoing “Our Sense of Place”, a year long program teaching about our place in respect to the Arkansas River bioregion. Each topic explores a different topic of the natural world of the Upper Arkansas River Valley to acquaint and promote a ‘rootedness’ in the place we call home.

Dr. F. B. Henderson III, will delve into the geological explanation and history of the multiple Arkansas Valley hot springs. He will talk about what ‘geothermal’ means, where the sources are located, and how they have been used. Fred will also talk about the potential uses of geothermal energy in the future as well as Federal and State regulations and land owner rights protection…

Program cost is free for GARNA members and $5 for non-members. Please call 539-5106 for additional information.

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