Coyote Gulch running on WordPress turns one year old

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I switched blogging software a year ago yesterday. One year posting on WordPress. The software is really good and much faster than the old software, Radio Userland.

I started Coyote Gulch in 2002 and caught some rhythm covering the 2003 Denver municipal election. Politics and technology issues dominated until I found my “beat” with Colorado water issues during the fall of 2003. Thank you Governor Owens for Referendum A. I haven’t looked back since.

There are now 2,117 posts here on WordPress and 13,426 posts still archived at the old Coyote Gulch — now hosted by the WordPress gang. I’m so happy that they are still available for research and background.

For example, here’s a post about Frank Jaeger and Parker Water and Sanitation’s Rueter-Hess reservoir. It was based on a newspaper article from The Pueblo Chieftain (no surprise there) and probably written by Chris Woodka (the most prolific reporter I’ve ever known) although the link back the the Chieftain is dead so I can’t say for sure. The post highlighted Jaeger’s efforts to keep Parker from going dry. Some things mentioned have changed however. From the post:

On Wednesday, Jaeger voiced complete support for Aaron Million’s plan to build a pipeline from Flaming Gorge, if it would help fill Reuter-Hess reservoir.

I guess Mr. Jaeger has decided that Million’s pipeline will mainly serve irrigators.

My biggest day for hits was 5,446 on November 2, 2004 in the heat of President Bush’s landslide victory over John Kerry. Towards the end my old blog was getting around 300 hits a day normally.

Once I switched software last year my hit counts started rising. The big day so far was Wednesday of this week when 760 readers came by to check out the water news. WordPress tracks total hits and so far we’ve seen 133,790.

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. It keeps me going. And thanks for indulging me this trip down memory lane.

If you click on the thumbnail graphic at the top of this post you can get an idea about the beauty in those Colorado River system canyons in southeast Utah. That’s Mrs. Gulch on my left. The photo was taken sometime around the turn of the century in Coyote Gulch.