A day without water? For many, no imagination required.

Mile High Water Talk

‘Imagine a Day Without Water’ reminds us of how lucky we are in this world of water worries.

By Jimmy Luthye

It’s time to dust the cobwebs off the ol’ imagination and think about what life would be like without its most critical compound (not beer).

Advertising graphic from Denver Water's "Nothing Replaces Water" campaign from 2001. Advertising image from Denver Water’s 2001 “Nothing Replaces Water” campaign.

That’s right — time to “Imagine a Day Without Water,” as suggested by our friends at the Value of Water Coalition.

Over the years, we’ve definitely had our fun imagining life in Denver without the wet stuff. We’ve created advertising campaigns around the notion that “Nothing Replaces Water” (fun videos here, here and here), and I even sang a song about it.

For many people, however, the prospect of a day without water is less imagination, more harsh reality.

Consider the fact that nearly 700 million people in this world don’t…

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