The latest “Water Matters” newsletter is hot off the presses from @COWaterTrust

Click here to read the newsletter. Here’s an excerpt:

Water Data in Real-time

Explaining water projects in an easy way!

We’re incredibly excited about a new tool we’ve been using to teach people about our work … story maps. If you’re not familiar with them, Esri’s ArcGIS story maps are a great way to use maps, text, images, and multimedia content to explain information quickly and easily. Our Water Resources Engineer, Mickey O’Hara, has created amazing story maps for our projects, which are now all posted on our newly-refreshed website under the “Impact” tab in our main menu.

For an example, click here for the story map regarding our McKinley Ditch project.

McKinley Ditch headgate photo via the Colorado Water Trust

Water statistics, updated daily …

The other tool on our website that we’re thrilled to tell you about is a data-driven, real-time dashboard, which shows where actual water is being returned to rivers and streams at any given time. The information is updated daily during the season, and you can search by division or by project. It’s robust, interesting, and helpful, and we can’t wait for you to see it. Follow the link here on the page titled “Where’s our water?” Then, you can geek out on data, just like we do!

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