Beautiful snow (and rain)

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What a beautiful snow we had yesterday here in Denver and most of Colorado. Here’s a report from the Greeley Tribune: “The storm, which stretched across Colorado, brought more than an inch of rain to Greeley since Thursday night while pounding areas west of Interstate 25 with heavy accumulations of snow. At Buckhorn Mountain, roughly 10 miles west of Fort Collins, about 25 inches of snow fell while at Rist Canyon, roughly 15 miles northwest of Fort Collins, 3 feet of snow fell. Further south in Denver, 9 inches of snow fell, according to Fox 31 Meteorologist Chris Dunn. A tornado, however, was spotted northeast of Pueblo, according to Bill Eckrich, meteorologist at Day Weather.”

Residents of Clear Creek County probably don’t think it was a beautiful snow and would most likely tell me so to my face if they could get down the mountain. Here’s a report from the Summit Daily News:

The American Red Cross is in the process of setting up a warming shelter in Idaho Springs to accommodate the large number of stranded travelers. A ‘warming center’ is a place for people to get off the highway, use the restroom, get warmth and shelter, and acquire basic necessities like water and snacks. These centers do not have cots or full feeding capabilities. The County is still in the process of determining the location. We will pass that along as soon as we know it. Clear Creek County officials are setting up similar ‘warming centers’ in Georgetown. County officials have not yet determined the location. In the interim, Colorado National Guard will escort a caravan of Red Cross supplies and volunteers into Idaho Springs as Clear Creek declares a state of emergency. A state of emergency means that the County is requesting use of state assets such as the Guard and additional snow plows. Clear Creek Middle School is at capacity at over 200 people. An official head count will be taken at midnight.

More coverage from the Pueblo Chieftain (Nick Bonham):

A spring storm brought rain, sleet, small hail, lightning and thunder to Pueblo and the region on Friday. A tornado was even spotted in El Paso County near Truckton, about 40 miles northeast of Pueblo, according to the National Weather Service…

Custer County Road and Bridge Foreman David Trujillo said the Wet Mountain Valley received between 10 and 12 inches of heavy, wet snow. The snow storms were accompanied by rumbles of thunder according to one weather spotter…

Crestone had received 16 inches of snow just before noon, according to a spotter for the National Weather Service. The Sangre’s foothills along the eastern edge of the San Luis Valley were also hit hard Sunday when just under two feet of snow fell on a corridor stretching from Crestone to just south of the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The snowfall tapered off along the valley floor during the day, although a volunteer spotter near Monte Vista reported 4.8 inches of new snow and 0.42 inches of precipitation. Creede reported 4.9 inches of new snow and 0.33 inches of precipitation.

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