Centennial Water and Sanitation rebate program

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From the Highlands Ranch Herald (Robyn Lydick):

A new pilot rebate program for replacing older, 3.5 gallon per flush toilets with current standards of a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush. The rebate is $75 per toilet with up to three per home covered. Homeowners and landlords with toilets installed prior to 1994 can use either low flow or high efficiency toilets as replacements. A full list (pdf) of qualifying models is on Centennial Water’s Web site…

Centennial Water will provide rebates for 250 toilets in the first year and analyze any changes to the program. Jon Klassen, water conservation specialist with Centennial Water, said that the program could save as much as 1.9 million gallons of water annually through the community. Participants in the rebate will be monitored for three years to assess the cost effectiveness of the program.

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  1. I live in Highlands Ranch. I replaced my older toilet with a new low-flow one. I understand there is a rebate of $75 that I am eligible for. How do I make the claim?



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