Orchard City: The town hopes to work with private water suppliers to upgrade their water systems to town standards

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From the Delta County Independent (Hank Lohmeyer):

In conjunction with the construction of the new West Main transmission line, the town has offered to share some expenses with the private companies along the line for the cost of upgrading their systems to the town’s current construction standards. But Mayor Don Suppes reported at the town board’s Jan. 12 meeting that most of the companies have declined the town offer. Cost was cited as a reason for shying away from the deal, even in light of the 50/50 cost split being discussed. Orchard City finds itself in a situation where, even though it simply supplies treated water to the private pipeline companies master meter and does nothing with the water after that point, the town may still have liability for water quality as delivered at a customer’s tap by a private pipeline company. Town officials would like to see the private lines upgraded to town engineering and safety standards in order to lessen any potential for liability, and also looking ahead to a day when the town might adopt the private pipelines into its own system and administration.

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