Aspinall Unit operations update

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From email from Reclamation (Dan Crabtree):

The Colorado Basin River Forecast Center has released the March 1st Blue Mesa Reservoir April through July inflow forecast in the amount of 800,000 af. The March Colorado River Basin 24 Month-Study Model is calling for increased releases during March and April to provide capacity in Blue Mesa to accommodate this runoff.

Reclamation will be holding off on this release increase in order to allow time for the City of Delta to complete work in the Gunnison River at the wastewater treatment plant. The completion of this work is anticipated to occur within two weeks, at which time the mid-month forecast will have been provided. This will give us a better idea of required increases.

The Black Canyon Water Right 24 hour peak flow target for an April through July forecasted runoff of 800,000 af is 6,369 cfs. Reclamation plans to continue to operate the Aspinall Unit with the intent of allowing this flow target to be met.

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