Durango: The city is opening up a comment period for their proposed ‘Water Efficiency Management Plan’

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Here’s the release from the City of Durango (Sherri Dugdale):

The City of Durango has begun work on revisions to its Water Efficiency Management Plan, the plan that describes how water conservation and other measures will be implemented to more efficiently use the water resources in the area, reduce water system operating costs, postpone the need for investments in city infrastructure, and reduce the need for water rate increases to its customers.

Using a grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board, the City and its consultant, the Great Western Institute, have prepared a draft plan for review by the citizens of Durango. The draft plan will be available for review for a 60-day period, after which it will be considered for approval by the Durango City Council. The draft plan describes the existing conditions in the City of Durango including per capita consumption of water, water losses in the distribution system and ongoing programs to reduce water waste, and describes new programs the City should consider to postpone the need to invest in new water treatment facilities and alternate supply sources.

The plan is available for review at the Durango Public Library or on-line at http://www.durangogov.org/pubworks/water.cfm. The public comment period will extend until 4:30 p.m. on May 15, 2011. Public comments need to be submitted in writing to:

City of Durango
Department of Public Works
949 East 2nd Avenue
Durango, Colorado 81301

Comments may also be submitted by email to ossegeja@ci.durango.co.us

A public hearing will be scheduled before the Durango City Council after the public comments have been reviewed in early summer of 2011. For questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 375-4802.

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