San Luis Valley Advisory Committee appointments

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Here’s the list of apponitments for the advisory committe Dick Wolfe is forming. He hopes that the committee will generate a bottom-up solution for pumping that will help protect senior rights holders and Colorado’s responsibilities under the Rio Grande Compact. Thanks to the State Engineer’s office for the information.

Appointees to the Rio Grande Basin Well Administration Rules Advisory Committee

1)The Advisory Committee shall be composed of representatives nominated by appropriators and entities including:

a)One representative from each of the following Districts:

Alamosa – La Jara Water Conservancy District – John Shawcroft – Alternate – Dwight Martin
Conejos Water Conservancy District – Mike Willett
Rio Grande Water Conservation District – Steve Vandiver – Alternates – Ray Wright, Lewis Entz
San Luis Valley Irrigation District – Michael Entz – Alternate – John Slane
San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District – Dee Greeman – Alternate – Chuck Lavry
Trinchera Water Conservancy District – Monty Smith – Alternate – Alvin Kunigi

b)One representative from each of the following geographic areas or water user associations:

Acequia Preservation Association – Kelly Sowards – Alternate – Tom Martinez
Alamosa-La Jara area – Allen Miller
Carnero/La Garita area – Mike Spearman
Costilla/Culebra area – Harold Anderson
Saguache area – Tim Lovato – Alternate – Ed Nielsen
Rio Grande Senior Water Users – Cory Off – Alternate – Rick Davie
San Luis Valley Well Users Association – Kirk Thompson – Alternate – John Shawcroft
Rio Grande Water Users Association – Doug Shriver
Empire Canal Water Users – Lawrence Crowder
Rio Grande Canal Water Users Association – Clay Corzine
Trinchera Irrigation Company – Conrad Trujillo – Alternate – Ty Ryland
Costilla Acequia Association – Joe Gallegos
Sanchez Ditch and Reservoir Company – Jerry Lorenz – Alternate – Tom Caldon

c)Up to one representative from county commissioners from each of the following counties in Water Division 3:

Alamosa – Greg Higel
Conejos – Lawrence Gallegos
Costilla – Franklin Kuhn
Mineral – Zeke Ward
Rio Grande – Doug Davie
Saguache – Mike Spearman

d)Up to one representative of each of the following State and Federal agencies:

Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service – Bruce Rittenhouse – Alternate – Roy Smith
Colorado Division of Wildlife – Ed Perkins – Alternate – Jay Skinner
National Parks Service – Great Sand Dunes National Park – Andrew Valdez – Alternate – Fred Burch
Natural Resources Conservation Service – Frank Riggle – Alternate – Rodney Clark
United States Fish and Wildlife Service – Meg Estep – Alternate – Mike Blenden, Clarke Dirks
Bureau of Reclamation – Ken Beck
Colorado Water Conservation Board – Travis Smith

e)Up to one representative from each of the following municipalities:

Alamosa – Don Koskelin
Ft. Garland – Stan Allaart
Blanca – Rodger Wakasugi
Creede – John Mattingly – Alternate – Clyde Dooley
Saguache – Dan Pacheco
Sanford – Vaughn Miller
Romeo – Don Martinez
La Jara – Bill Yohey

f)And, at least five additional appropriators of waters of the Rio Grande basin in Colorado, engineers, or water attorneys who practice in Water Division 3, to be selected by the State Engineer.

Romero Ditch Co. – Sam Vance
Engineer – Alan Davey
Prairie Ditch – Bill Mckinley II
Manassa Land & Irrigation Co. – Nathan Coombs
Alamosa River – Rod Reinhart
At large – Amy Kunugi
At large – Robert Mathis
At large – Tim Walters
At large – Leroy Salazar

At large – Norman Slade

At large – Tom Corzine
At large – Lynn Kopfman, Alternate – Lynn McCullogh
Attorney – Erich Schwiesow
Attorney – Tim Buchanan
Attorney – Bill Paddock

Here’s a report from Ruth Heide writing for the Valley Courier From the article:

Deputy State Engineer Michael Sullivan, promoted last year from division engineer of the Rio Grande Basin (Water Division 3), told water users attending the agricultural conference in Monte Vista on Friday that the state engineer had pared down a list of 90-100 nominees to 56 people who will serve on an advisory committee to assist the state in coming months.

“We decided to focus on folks that could help us represent a large constituency,” Sullivan said.

He said the group will help State Engineer Dick Wolfe answer a multitude of questions as Wolfe crafts rules to govern groundwater use in this basin. Sullivan said the committee is so large because the state wanted to incorporate representatives from as many different groups as possible. He added that all of the advisory committee’s meetings will be open to the public, and the first one will likely be held in a location such as Ski Hi Park that will afford enough space for all those wishing to attend. The group’s first meeting date has not yet been set.

Committee members were just notified this week of their appointments.

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