Oak Creek moving on installation of water meters

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From the Steamboat Pilot & Today (Melinda Dudley): “Water meters have been expressed as a goal by Oak Creek town boards for years, and the current Town Board is stressing their installation both to increase the fairness of town water billing and to encourage water conservation, [Mayor J. Elliott] said.

“The board budgeted $5,000 for preliminary work this year to install water meters for Oak Creek’s water customers and move to a tiered rate structure, instead of its current flat rate fees. A preliminary scope of work presented Thursday by Jones puts the price tag on a feasibility study, completed in July, at $14,250 — with the town paying for 20 percent, or $2,850, and grant funds covering the rest.

“If the town decides to proceed with water meter installation, after the completion of an eventual feasibility study, Jones estimated the project would take about five months. One crew can install about three meters a day, and Oak Creek would need to install about 490 meters to serve its existing customers, he said.”

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