Potential Colorado well fee increases

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From the Pueblo Chieftain (Charles Ashby): “…[State Senator Abel] Tapia said that one of the more controversial fee proposals calls for an increase in water well and supplemental water supply plan fees, which would bring in about $500,000 for the rest of this fiscal year and $2.5 million next year. Fees for new wells would go from $100 to $665, while supply plan fees would increase from $300 to $2,000. Tapia said the current fees don’t cover the actual cost to the state to process the applications. ‘These are fees that haven’t been raised in a long time,’ Tapia said. ‘That’s a significant increase, but it also means that the general fund was backfilling that amount. Although a person doesn’t drill a well everyday, those fees are percentage-wise very high, and that will get the attention of the people who deal in that industry.'”

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