It’s goodbye to the Rocky Mountain News after 150 years

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I linked to the Rocky Mountain News hundreds of times over the years from Coyote Gulch. I was pulling for their online operation. It was easy to see that news reading was moving online. Daily readership of print has been declining for years.

I grew up in Denver and the Rocky Mountain News was the family paper since I can remember. I still subscribe. Through tomorrow.

When I was a kid I didn’t know any Rocky delivery people but I hung out with a bunch of the North Denver kids that delivered the Denver Post in the afternoon. The public school kids mixing it up with the Catholic kids after school. I remember that they were all pretty tough when conflict arose. The guy that ran the Post shed didn’t take a flack either.

If you get a chance give Jerd Smith a job. She’s a great writer and can report on complex issues including water in Colorado.

Links to the Rocky Mountain News over the years here, here and here.

I’m bummed so I’m taking the night off.

2 thoughts on “It’s goodbye to the Rocky Mountain News after 150 years

  1. Hi John, Greg here

    Loss of the Rocky isn’t just the loss of paper it is the loss of most everything including a little water. We haven’t lost a source so much as some insight and what really comprises news. It was competition that built this country and kept it going. The competition kept journalism aggressive, open, diligent, factual, …, honest. We have lost a great part of the check and balances.

    As I’ve said back into the ’80s, and before, it was all of this that kept things going. The only thing to do now is to challenge everyone still in print, and on line, to pick up the pace and fill the gaps. I’d encourage you to ask all readers and viewers to take a more proactive role, make up the difference, research, attend, question and submit.

    We haven’t lost a press so much as a little freedom of the press. We’ll only loose this so long as we allow it to happen to us.

    As Ever, Greg H

  2. Greg,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I’m very worried about coverage of water issues in Colorado. The Post and the Rocky had scaled back coverage over the past few years.

    I’m trying to come up with ideas for paying “citizen-journalists” to cover events and write them up.

    John Orr

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