Alamosa scores $500,000 for water system rehab from federal omnibus bill

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From The Valley Courier (Ruth Heide): “San Luis Valley-bred U.S. Representative John Salazar on Wednesday announced $500,000 in federal funding for Alamosa’s municipal water system rehabilitation…

“Salazar explained that the $500,000 in the omnibus bill for Alamosa is a direct grant, with no match required, that will rehabilitate Alamosa’s municipal water system including replacement of old cast iron water lines that date to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The funding comes at a time when Alamosa has experienced problems with discoloration in its water system partially due to some of those old pipes. ‘This funding will help protect the drinking water quality for Alamosa residents and will reduce the burden of construction and maintenance costs for taxpayers,’ said Congressman Salazar. ‘We must continue to invest in an infrastructure that will safeguard our water quality for future generations.'”

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